Our Goal is to achieve the balance between Quality and time,we push forward the level of every part of our company without just focusing on one. We are here to provide the unseen quality of work in 3d animation & filmmaking, we always try to understand the deep pschycology behind film and to really get it to the screen.

Our Process

We have a selective core group of creative people, who knows there work upto the level, First we understand what client actually is looking for second we have a meeting on the product and see what can be best and how much time can be saved. Third we make a simpler presentaion of what will be the process and output and show it to client. Fourth as the sample in finalized the work in distributed to the team supervisors handling different structure parts. FIFTH depending uponthe category whether its an commercial, 3d project, short film, documentary, wehave a discussion and feedback untill it tooks appropriate and upto the standard before moving to the final step. SIXTH the rendering department completes the process.

Our Team


Umesh Singh


Anil Dutt


Bhupender Singh


Bhagat Singh


Praveen Raturi


Ashish Negi